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Saturday, March 7th
2015 Stewardship University

NSI will be presenting a workshop
about domestic sex trafficking and
our response to it.


We at North Star Initiative are devoted
to providing support to victims of sex trafficking
and sexual exploitation by addressing their physical,
psychological, emotional and spiritual needs
through a Christ-centered focus.


The Impact of One.

Every One Has A Story
We Are Define by Our:

  • Experiences.
  • Memories.
  • Relationships.
  • Choices.

We all have a story that is defined by both the uplifting and wounding experiences that have shaped us. For women who have been trafficked into commercial sexual explitation, they may feel their story is defined by pain and a loss of hope .

But everyone's Story can also be about Restoration. The Impact that One person , One group, One organization, One movement can have on a life is immeasurable .

North Star Initiaitve believe that every woman coming from situations of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking deserve the opportunity to find the lealing an fufillment that can come from a restored life.

The Value of One.

Our vision is to open The Harbor, Lancaster County's first restoration home for female survivors of domestic sex trafficking. Our hope is that The Harbor is a place of refuge for women to encounter:

  • Uplifting Experiences.
  • Lasting Memories.
  • Deep and Meaningful Relationships.
  • Accessible Choice.
  • The Hope of a renewed life through Jesus Christ.

Where each woman has the opportunity to rediscover their intrinsic value and reclaim what was taken from them; successfully navigating through painful past experiences towards a place of healing and wholeness. By finding value again, not only will they be integrated back into society as a restored person, but they will also possess the tools to help other women going through the same circumstances.

Because every Story matters.
What's yours?